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Brisbane Hypnotherapist Geoff Sweeting.


Welcome to Geoff Sweeting Hypnosis, the home of professional Hypnotherapy and Mind-Body Psychotherapy in Brisbane.  We can start you on the road to healing, health and greater wellbeing.  Take positive control of your life and change unwanted behaviours, habits and stress responses. Geoff Sweeting is qualified to help you reduce anxiety and build back self-confidence, reduce and manage pain, increase physical health and support healing, relieve IBS, improve sleep, heal trauma responses, stop smoking and vaping, reduce alcohol intake, and transform your habits. Geoff is uniquely experienced in Mind-Body Therapy thanks to his decades of eastern and western clinical medicine study combined with the latest Hypnotherapy, Somatic and Mind-Body Healing methods.

Geoff tailors each session to your individual needs. Many Practitioners utilize set scripts and conceptual methods that they repeat for every client with similar challenges, but Geoff takes the time to listen to your experience and tailors his hypnotherapeutic and mind-body healing approaches to your particular requirements. That’s because you’re not a textbook, people aren’t neat little boxes for which you can apply a recipe book of techniques to. Though as human beings we all share many similarities and experiences in life, at the same time each one of us has also had a unique background and responds to these life experiences quite differently. This has resulted in very individual responses and behaviours. That’s why you deserve to be listened to, feel understood and have a treatment approach and protocol that supports and empowers you as a unique human being.  

Your subconscious mind is your vast, inner storehouse of internal resources- past experience, new learning ability and creative power.  It also runs all the processes of the body. Geoff can assist you in accessing these inner resources in a new way in order to facilitate empowering change, healing and transformation in mind and body.  Take control of your life today with Hypnotherapy and Mind-Body Psychotherapy.

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