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Healing Hypnotherapy

Many of our difficult times and  traumatic experiences (assaults, accidents, surgeries, chronic illness, developmental and long-term exposure to stressful environments and situations etc)  over our lifetime cause strong physical and emotional reactions that can be stored in the body.  These traumas can accumulate and take their toll on the brain and body. Subconsciously the body reacts in contraction (tensions and resistances) as a protective measure, and we may become 'stuck' in a state of high alert, always scanning for threats, with our autonomic nervous system response acting as though we are constantly under attack. Over time, this is very draining and  takes a great toll upon body, mind and emotion. When this inner tension, fear and stress becomes chronic, it leads to hyperarousal (often followed with periods of hypoarousal) of our freeze, fight and flight survival responses  which in turn may impair the natural regulation of bodily processes (dysregulation). This  dysregulation restricts  the free action of the systems of the body and diminishes our ability to handle stress, pain and life's challenges effectively.  This results in interruption of the natural 'free-flow'  of life and health causing a state of ‘stagnation’ in which we may experience a loss of vitality, increased pain, tension, gut issues, anxiety and depressive states of being.  Common signs of this disorder include; insomnia, tension headaches and migraines, chronic neck, face and jaw tension, grinding the teeth (especially during sleep), heaviness or tightness in the chest, constant knot in the stomach, audio-sensitivity, fibromyalgia and 'wandering pain' syndromes, anxiety, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), looping or ruminating negative thoughts, feeling dissociated from the body, increased use of drugs, alcohol or pornography, increased feelings of frustration and anger, feeling stuck or a sense of hopelessness.  Our Healing Hypnotherapy can safely and gently help free your inner tension and wounding to free the return to a spontaneous flow of energy and consciousness within, helping your body to heal and recover, become more present and engaged in life and restore ease and peace of mind.


What is Healing Hypnotherapy?

Healing Hypnotherapy is a method of turning inward in a meaningful way, with healing intent, and trusting the deeper wisdom buried in the body and the creative new learning capacity of the subconscious mind. The aim of Healing Hypnotherapy is to safely guide mind and body into a natural Healing State so that the intrinsic healing capacity of our brain and body can learn to regulate and calm our nervous system, release chronic tension, diminish pain, calm the mind and restore the body to health and wellbeing. This healing state is a deeply restful, safe, and relaxed liminal space- something akin to the in-between state we experience between wakefulness and drifting off to sleep- with a healing intention behind it. In this Healing State we can safely and comfortably start to slow down, relax, and let go of our inner contraction and begin to safely and gently heal our wounds of mind, body and emotion. 


How does Healing Hypnotherapy work?

Every time we enter this safe, relaxed Healing State the deeper part of the subconscious automatically ‘takes out the trash.’ Helping restore health, balance and integrity to mind, body, and emotion, comfortably and naturally without having to continually sort through all the scraps of the past.  Memories, images, thoughts and feelings are allowed to come and go, at their own pace and their own rate, in a natural flow of consciousness and energy. It all happens peacefully, safely, and comfortably ‘behind the scenes’ at the deeper subconscious level. The subconscious runs all the physical and emotional responses automatically, so it knows exactly what is required to strengthen, clear, resolve and relax in the right way for us automatically and naturally.  Our subconscious permits all the inner resources within us to go to work ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak, and arrange new learning, new possibilities and access the healing potential of mind and body at deeper levels. .So, we can relax and allow the intrinsic healing, creative and new-learning capacity within work for and with us. 

What happens during a Healing Hypnotherapy session?

During your Healing Hypnotherapy session Geoff will take the time to fully listen to your experience and help you focus in on your desired healing outcomes. After a full explanation of the Healing Hypnotherapy method and approach, Geoff will expertly lead you through an easy guided process of entering a natural, simple but profound healing exercise that allows you to let go of tension and anxiety easily and comfortably in a safe environment and enter into your healing state. Geoff will utilize soothing and empowering suggestions for healing and empowerment, to help direct the powers of your subconscious mind into healing and strengthening the required areas, and to balance and reharmonize the general flow of health and life within.  



What can Healing Hypnotherapy help with?

Healing Hypnotherapy may assist with:

Relief from symptoms of unwellness and realign the body with its intrinsic healing capacity.

Ease pain and discomfort in the body.

Help bring back a sense of inner control and increase our resilience and coping capabilities. 

Can be safely utilized to help align and increase the efficacy of other treatments.

May assist with illness recovery and post-operative care.

Help heal trauma responses and bring greater control and self-regulation.

Greater clarity of mind, increased focus and peace of mind.

A soothing and steadying of the nerves- regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Soothe and calm the gut, bringing relief and regulation to the digestive processes.

Free circulation of the systems and processes of the body (example increase peripheral blood circulation and harmonize nervous processes).

Lower anxiety and fear whilst raising self-confidence.


Help feel more engaged in the present moment and hold a more optimistic attitude and outlook regarding the future. 

Increased Gratitude and sense of being grateful for things already present in your life.

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