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Geoff’s Hypnotherapy will help you achieve a greater clarity of mind, steadiness of nerves, and renewed sense of calm strength and quiet confidence.

Many stresses and fears are unconscious in the sense that they are triggered at the so-called ‘automatic pilot’ level within us. By this we mean that our stress responses often occur automatically outside of conscious awareness or control. By an unending stream of stimuli and busyness, or through trying and traumatic events, our autonomic nervous system can become hypervigilant and on constant high alert scanning for threats and often overreacting to events, situations and experiences that are not genuinely threatening.  It’s part of the normal function of the ‘freeze, fight, flight’ survival system of the body, but it has become ‘over-sensitized’ and therefore too easily triggered into stress reactions.  Hypnotherapy is a natural, effective way of helping lower anxiety and increased emotional balance and control.

Geoff’s Hypnotherapy assists you in relaxation of the body and mind to naturally desensitize the nervous response and restore a balance in the instinctual threat response system. Hypnotherapy provides a way of physically and mentally retraining the instinctual threat recognition and response system safely and naturally to restore a calmer and more balanced control of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. You can regain a greater sense of calm, peace and control in your whole being.

Dr Ainslie Meares wrote: “The basic cause of anxiety is the arrival at the brain of more nervous impulses than can properly be sorted out by the brain. The sensory input arises from three main sources: from our external environment through sight and hearing; from our body, through nerve-endings in all the various structures and organs; and from our mind-from conscious thoughts and the mental activity of our unconscious mind. When the sensory input reaches a certain level, it is not completely integrated and anxiety results.”

By learning to slow down internally and switch the nervous system into a para-sympathetic response, the body enters a state of natural relaxation, and the subconscious mind can then easily deescalate our worries and anxieties and deal more effectively with life’s challenges from a calmer, more peaceful state of being.

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