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Mind-Body Psychotherapy focusses on the meaningful  interactions between mind, body and emotion and how these affect healing, health and wellbeing.  Mind-Body Psychotherapy utilizes both cognitive and somatic techniques to help bring awareness to how our body and mind 'talk' to each other (often unconsciously) through symptoms of pain, restriction and stress in the body, and the resultant negative thoughts and feelings attached to these experiences.  By becoming aware of our internal physical experience and then learning how to shift our body out of stress physiology into new patterns of healthy natural responses, we can experience relief, presence, calmness and a renewed sense of aliveness and vitality, with an improved positive outlook and resilient mindset.

Through Mind-Body Psychotherapy we can begin to feel safe, comfortable and at home again in our body, find relief from chronic pain and stress, and enjoy a greater sense of the naturally joyful flow state of being.

Mind-Body Psychotherapy may include and combine healing methods such as:

Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy.

Inner focussing- Interoceptive attention within the body. 

Progressive and attentive relaxation.


Somatic Exercises-Bodily movements/gestures

performed with an inner focus of attention.

Mind-body meditation.

'Bodily' prayer- for faith-based clients.

Postural adjustments.

'Qigong' based movements- stretching and opening/closing

physical movements combined with intentional breathing and/or imagery.

Breathing Exercises- Slower or deeper breathing.

Protective/healing touch- Holding or placing hands on one's own body

to direct healing and engender an embodied sense of safety and security. 

And other mind-body integrative techniques.

Mind-Body Psychotherapy may assist with:

Trauma Healing

Tension and migraine headaches


Essential hypertension

Jaw pain (TMJ)

Teeth grinding

Sleep challenges

Motor tics

General muscle tension

Chronic pain, fatigue and fibromyalgia

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Anger and frustration

Feeling 'stuck' or immobilized in life

Inability to let go of the past

And other psychophysiological problems

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